Centre for Flexible Learning (CFL)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

•    How much is reasonable?
•    What if the author is dead or cannot be found?
•    What if the text book is out of print? (Cf Cook Islands)
•    What if the article used to be an old course book, which is now not being used, but you still have the text book?  
•    What if the publisher refuses to give permission?
•    What if the publisher sends you on a merry trip to copyright clearance centre (user-pays)?
•    What licences does USP have?  
•    Is the USP guidelines to be updated?
•    Where can I find the Fiji Copyright Act?
•    Should social media platforms and online content sharing sites be liable (eg European Union’s art 13’s requirement to obtain copyright owner’s permission before uploading) with exceptions for non-profit online encyclopaedias, open source software development platforms, cloud storage services, online marketplaces & communication services)?
•    Is digitization an exception to the copyright rule?
•    Are “shrink-wrap” and “click-wrap” licences on software legal?

Questions are posed as outcomes of learning. Feel free to email potential answers to the Copyright Coordinator at marie.chan@usp.ac.fj.

Yes, the Centre for Flexible Learning offers 2 prizes to 2 people with the most correct answers to 2 questions:
•    What if the author is dead or cannot be found?
•    Is digitization an exception to the copyright rule?

This competition will stay open until 31 May 2019. After that, the appropriate answer and the winners will be posted on the https://cfl.usp.ac.fj/copyright page.

For more information, see USP COPYRIGHT COMPLIANCE GUIDELINES on USP Policy Library.
Contact Copyright Coordinator P: 323 1586 E: copyright@usp.ac.fj